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What is a goodie?

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     William Garrett's Goodies started ten years ago, in 2014. I was roughly four years old when I started to turn out fresh chocolate chip cookies and brownies as a cottage food business. Originally, they were served in the Waco area. Recently though, me with the company, moved to Dallas. I always had a working spirit with a thirst for success. With a family of foodies, I decided to become a baker. The "goodies" as they would later be called, were sold at my mother and her business partner's store named Sironia. William Garrett's Goodies eventually grew as time flew by. Soon after I started, I found one of my passions was to bake. That is when goodies were formed. Goodies are baked to order so you can experience the love of quality food as much as I enjoy baking!

           Although I serve yummy treats, I continue to operate in a residential kitchen. This means that I will do my best to not cross contaminate but cannot guarantee that they are completely free of other major allergens that are not listed in the goodies due to using shared equipment. Being in a home kitchen also means that it is not inspected by the Department of State Health Services or a local health department. Without further ado, thank you for your understanding and have an awesome day!  


William Garrett's Goodies Logo II
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